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The Mary Marantz Show

Mar 24, 2020

Do you associate your life's worth with your life's work? Perhaps you are working insane hours, dealing with extreme fatigue, and feel the need to make a change but fear taking that first step. Or maybe, in light of the world’s current pandemic, you find yourself anxious about the outlook and stability of your career - the very thing which you've placed your identity in for so long.

If you are questioning where to put your trust and faith when everything around you seems uncertain, this episode is here to remind you that you CAN step out in faith because when God calls you to do something - He equips you, He shows up.

In this episode, Mary hosts news correspondent and author of “Called Out”, Paula Faris - who walked away from two dream jobs (her roles as co-anchor on Good Morning America and co-host of The View) as she felt God calling her out of a vicious cycle of being addicted to work. And for what? To find the answer to a question that haunted her: who was she apart from her job? After listening to this engaging episode, you’ll be provoked to answer that same question “who am I outside of my career?’, discover the difference between faith and vocational callings, and learn how to move past the fear that holds you back.

If you are ready to find more peace, purpose, and balance in your day-to-day life - tune into this episode. 


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