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The Mary Marantz Show

Sep 1, 2020

Do you find it difficult to engage in honest and meaningful discussions about hot topic issues? Do you long to find connection rather than division without necessarily having to see eye to eye? If you can relate, this episode is a must listen!

In today’s episode, Mary is joined by two fellow Yale Law Alums, and authors of the brand new book, Union: A Democrat, a Republican, and a Search for Common Ground - Jordan Blake and Christopher Hall. Union is a road narrative, a civics lesson, and an unforgettable window into one epic friendship that was built because of, not in spite of, political differences.

Today, Jordan and Christopher open up to Mary today about their unlikely friendship, and their travel across America on a deeply personal journey through the heart of a divided nation to find growth, hope, and fundamental strength in the country they love. What follows is a three-year adventure story, across forty-four states and along 20,000 miles of road to find out exactly where the American experiment stands at the close of the second decade of the twenty-first century.

After listening you will be encouraged to unite over connection rather than divide over differences; develop a willingness to listen rather than judge; and, share a desire to seek the answer to one of the most pressing questions of our time, “How far apart are we really?”

If you are ready to hit the road with Jordan and Christopher in search of reasons to strengthen bonds in an era of strife and partisanship, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Snag your book here!