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The Mary Marantz Show

Mar 19, 2020

Does the thought of taking the next step- choosing the next direction for your life - simply feel WAY overwhelming to you? Many times, we’ve unknowingly let the opinions of others define who we are - which hinders our trust in ourselves. It leaves us with a feeling of being less-than. With all the voices going on in our heads - of course we feel inadequate to make a decision! 

If this is you, be prepared for this episode to inspire your mind to action and encourage your heart to realize your worthiness. In this episode, Mary spends time with Spoken Word poet, writer, and author - Arielle Estoria. Through various aspects of storytelling, and a “Words not for the ears but for the soul” motto, Arielle opens up about her personal journey as a creative, the power of words to bridge the heart and mind, body positivity, and the heartbeat of her work- reminding others of their value through words. 

After listening, you will be equipped to battle lies with truth, feel encouraged to tap into your various gifts during different seasons of life, and recognize what it looks like to get comfortable in your own skin. If you are ready to embrace a fresh perspective of your value and worthiness, and walk in truth and confidence - tune into this episode.

Check out Arielle here!