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The Mary Marantz Show

Dec 7, 2021

Sometimes, trying to find hope in what feels like a hopeless situation feels almost cruel at times. With big dreams but only seeing what you lack - the goals can feel insurmountable, frivolous, and downright silly.

No one knows this more than Yvonne Orji - who found herself with less than $8 in her bank account, despite having a master’s degree. 

Today, Yvonne is a stand-up comic and actress, best known as Issa Rae's BFF on the HBO series, Insecure - and today’s guest on the Mary Marantz show. 

In her new book, Bamboozled by Jesus, Yvonne hilariously exposes the trials and victories she has experienced on the way to the life of her dreams. 

In this episode, Mary and Yvonne chat about:

  • Why being bamboozled by God is sometimes the most loving thing He can do 
  • Why every lesson unlearned is a lesson repeated
  • What it means to really have a friendship with God - and not just the fluffy sentiment and idea of this
  • How to return to the truth that God’s timing is true to His promises
  • What exactly to do when it feels like God is giving you hope in a position of hopelessness


Whatever greatness, whatever joy we may hope for, Yvonne is here to tell us that God has something even bigger and better in store for us - if we can just trust Him and be open to having our minds blown by His goodness, His creativity, and His knack for surprises.

Snag Yvonne’s book here!