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The Mary Marantz Show

Sep 20, 2022

Do you find yourself feeling weary? Feeling unseen? Trying to find sustenance on yesterday’s manna? 

If you do, then today’s episode is for you. What so often leads us astray is the comparison, weariness, and isolation of forgetting that there is a God who sees us. A God who provides for us. 

Today, Mary is joined by Kathie Lee Gifford - a true ‘Jane of All Trades.’ Kathie Lee is a longtime television presenter, singer, songwriter, and playwright. Best known for her 15 year run on “Regis and Kathie Lee.” Her project is a musical film entitled “The Way” which inspired the film that was released in theaters and an accompanying book, “The God of the Way.” 

Born out of a songwriting session with her new friend, Nicole C. Mullen, neither of the women knew the impact that their song would hold on a generation.

In this episode, Mary and Kathie Lee dive into the who, what, and when of “The Way” - both in its film (‘The Way’) and book (‘The God of the Way’) adaptations, BUT they don’t just stop there! 

Kathie Lee and Mary dive deeply into the spiritual implications of serving a:

  • A God who provides, 
  • who is a God of His Word, 
  • and who saves us by His grace. 


May your heart be filled with a renewed spirit and desire to create, engage, and step into the fullness that God has for you after listening. Because He IS a God that provides. 

You can listen to ‘The Way’ album on Spotify here:

And the beautiful YouTube Video here: