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The Mary Marantz Show

Oct 24, 2019

Ever pick up a perfectly round, perfectly red tomato - only to be disappointed at the lack of flavor? Years ago, it was discovered that genes in tomatoes could be altered to make them more pleasing to the eye - but this came at the cost of leaving the tomato with a lackluster taste. 


Author Sharon Hodde Miller proposes the same thing happens to us when we try too hard to be nice. If you’re exhausted from putting on a mask, watering down your effervescent personality, and playing to the double-tap in exchange to ‘belong’ and be 'nice' - you're not alone. Sharon, author, speaker, and holder of PdD from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, suggests the constant pursuit of nice leads to striving and emptiness, always looking at the next rung on the success ladder, consistently comparing ourselves to the person who’s ahead, and focusing on our flaws. In this episode you’ll learn about the inner rings of striving, how to overcome your desire to belong, and why your personality is too brilliant to be watered down. If you’re ready to feel at peace with your true self, and let go of the pursuit of acceptance - this episode is for you.

You can learn more about Sharon at and @sharonhmiller