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The Mary Marantz Show

Nov 8, 2022

Do you remember a time when kids were sent to time-out for “name calling”? Whether it be a casual, spontaneous insult, or a planned diabolical jab, these labels stick with us. They form us, and inform us - about who we are and what we are worth. 

Unfortunately, a lot of these instances revolve around names that diminished us, not labels that built us up. This is the space where some of our deepest wounds are formed. 

In this episode, author and speaker Toni Collier drops some serious wisdom on:

  • Why rewriting these labels often requires long healing processes.
  • How overcoming these false identities necessitates mountain-moving faith and
  • How to prepare in the “off season”

Check out Toni’s newest devotional “Overcomer: Defeating Anxiety and Abuse.”