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The Mary Marantz Show

Apr 21, 2020

Are you wondering where God is right now? Do you feel as if your faith is being tested by your circumstances? If you find yourself struggling to trust the Lord in the midst of grief and pain, this episode is here to remind you that God WILL redeem your story.

In this episode, Mary and her husband, Justin, chat with Grammy-nominated singer, song-writer Jeremy Camp and his wife Adrienne whose story is portrayed in the brand-new movie, “I Still Believe.” All about their remarkable journey of love and loss, “I Still Believe” proves there is always hope in the midst of tragedy and that faith tested is the only faith worth sharing.

Picking up where the movie leaves off, Jeremy and Adrienne also talk about their new book “In Unison” - the story of the lessons they’ve learned in love and marriage. Through sharing their story, Jeremy and Adrienne offer practical advice for:

  • How to deal with conflict,

  • Move through grief, and

  • Work to build your own family culture.

After listening, you’ll be challenged to see where the rubber meets the road with your own faith and be inspired to keep Jesus in the center of your relationships. If you are ready to be uplifted and encouraged to trust the Lord even in the middle of your hardest days, make sure to tune into this episode.

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