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The Mary Marantz Show

May 16, 2023

What is the one part of your life that is not quite right? When asked that, I bet a specific area comes to mind right away. You just…know. 

Often, it isn’t until the point of collapse (a marriage, friendship, job loss) that we realize we failed to pay attention to the signs that the foundation beneath us wasn’t as solid as we thought. 

Join Alli and Mary to discuss the two key principles to building a firm foundation in Christ – despite hardship.

Tune in to hear, 

  • What helped Alli find true freedom in all areas of her life

  • How to overcome the temptation to keep pretending

  • The question you need to ask before you start building anything


Trouble is inevitable in this life but course correction doesn’t have to happen at collapse. 

Today is the day we look down and are honest about the foundation we are standing on and realign with the only Foundation worth building on. 

Are you willing to believe He is already at work redeeming the rubble?


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More About Alli: Alli is a mother, friend, mentor, wife, speaker and now author of her first book, How to Stay Standing: 3 Essentials for Building a Faith That Lasts - a disarmingly honest look into her own struggles with marriage, work, parenting, and faith, and the three new rhythms she learned from it all for building daily connection with Jesus. As Teaching Pastor at Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, and a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, she is passionate about helping others build a life on the firm foundation of Jesus’ truth and grace through authentic teaching rooted in Scripture. She believes a life with Him is much more than a checklist of beliefs: it’s a life of honesty, joy, risk, adventure, and challenge in relationship with a living God.