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The Mary Marantz Show

Nov 30, 2021

There’s nothing more frustrating than KNOWING you have an impactful message to share - but then feeling as if your words fall flat or don’t connect once you put them out into the world.

If you’ve ever felt that the world wants something different than what you have to offer, today’s episode is for you. 

In today’s equally tangible and heart driven conversation, Mary is bringing on entrepreneur, international speaker, and premier expert copywriter - Ashlyn Carter. Ashlyn is the founder and CEO of Ashlyn Writes, a copywriting business and marketing curriculum source for creatives, and she’s here to share how to actually sound like yourself on socials, your website, and other marketing material. 

Mary and Ashlyn are covering:

  • How to find your brand voice and serve your audience so well
  • What’s probably wrong on your about page on your website
  • The 3 t’s of voice to connect the dots between your content and your ideal client 
  • How to put your business on the path to change lives 
  • What copy banking is and how it will save you so much time!


If you’re ready to sound like yourself, show up confidently, and attract raving fans to your brand - turn this episode all the way up and get out your notebook!

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