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The Mary Marantz Show

Apr 22, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the Bible really says about dating and sex? In a culture where relationships often begin by swiping right, do you ever feel caught between the rules of your upbringing and today’s culture of do what feels good? If you can relate, you are going to love today’s conversation!


Today, Mary is joined for a second time by popular blogger, podcast host, and author - Kat Harris. Growing up at the height of the purity movement, Kat knew this much: “good” Christians don't have sex until marriage. But approaching 30 and thrust into the New York City dating scene, she found a set of rules was not a compelling enough reason. Hungry for clarity, Kat began a multi-year journey searching for answers to the biggest questions about sexuality and faith, and so “Sexless in the City: a Sometimes Sassy, Sometimes Painful, Always Honest Look at Dating, Desire and Sex”, was born. 


On today’s episode, Mary and Kat:

  • Dive into a very real conversation about what the Bible actually says about sex;
  • Talk about Kat’s vulnerable story of her breaking point and her personal journey and experiences with sex and dating, and
  • Discuss what intimacy really means within the lens of God’s desire for intimacy and pleasure.


After listening, you will hear Kat's experience with:

  • Discovering a renewed biblical vision for sex, singleness, and relationships;
  • Transforming into an empowered woman of faith equipped to navigate today's dating culture with vision, clarity, and freedom; and,
  • Understanding the various ways to experience intimacy outside of the bedroom. 


If you are ready to leave shame and guilt in the past, and replace it with God's heart for sexuality, then you will not want to miss today’s powerful conversation!

Snag Kat's book here!