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The Mary Marantz Show

Sep 19, 2023

How did I get here? 

Why does this keep happening to me? 

For Anh Lin, broken relationships and deferred dreams had become expected. It was easier to anticipate the loss than to give herself to the possibility that she might experience the peace and stability she longed for. 

With a limited budget and unlimited creativity, she was determined to change the narrative of that space.

If you are ready to move beyond your brokenness into the abundant life you have been promised, you will not want to miss this conversation! In today’s episode Anh and I dive into principle of shameless creativity and the power of just showing up. 

Tune in to hear, 

  • What your body is trying to tell you about yourself

  • The necessity of facing our trauma

  • How to start right where you are

No matter your definition of home, we can all learn something from the courageous vulnerability and inner fortitude Anh so gracefully displays. While many of us may be focused on curating our life externally, Ahn reminds us that home begins within us first. 

Today is the day restoration begins, are you ready to renovate? 

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More About Anh: Anh Lin is a dynamic interior stylist celebrated for her captivating designs and thought-provoking writing, including The Abundant Life Devotional Journal. In 2014, Anh's passion for storytelling and empathy for others inspired her to start the popular faith and lifestyle blog Girl and the Word. Since launching the blog, Anh has continued to expand her influence through YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and her successful online shop, The Hooga Shop. She lives in a renovated 1940s fixer-upper with her husband and adorable Corgi, Ollie. Her upcoming book, "Forever Home: Moving Beyond Brokenness to Build a Strong and Beautiful Life," set to be released September 26th, reflects her personal journey and provides insightful guidance for creating a fulfilling and meaningful life.