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The Mary Marantz Show

Nov 14, 2019

Have you ever felt a heart and soul nudge to start something, take action on something - but then the tangible question of 'how' stopped you right in your tracks? It's the type of nudge that doesn't simply go away, it keeps reminding you it's there and waiting for you  - but it is continually drowned out by the louder voice of fear and doubt. It's these moments - these minutes bursting with impactful purpose - where it's imperative that courage and belief win out over the insecurity - because the world needs the gifting that only you hold. And if anyone knows this to be true - it's today's guest - Jessica Honegger. Jessica is the founder and co-CEO of the socially concious brand, Noonday Collection, author of the book, Imperfect Courage, host of the podcast Going Scared, and mom to three littles at home. 

What started as a hodgepodge trunk show of sorts in Jessica's own home has become the largest fair trade jewelry company in the world. For Jessica, quitting was never an option. It began with a quest to raise funds to bring her own child home from Rwanda. Today, Noonday Collection supports artisans from around the world and over 1,700 female entrepreneurs who bring these handmade goods to eager customers.

Not only is her story inspiring and beautiful, but Jessica shares tangible and influential lessons on what to do when success isn't a straight path, exact next steps when you feel ready to quit on your dream, and what it looks like to make fear your 'friend' because you'll never feel 'ready.' It's time to reset the infrastructure of your mind to get going on those dreams and it's time to leave behind playing small. Let's walk forward with imperfect courage because there are lives waiting for your specific impact.


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Instagram: @jessicahonegger