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The Mary Marantz Show

Mar 30, 2021

In a culture that suggests that more is more, do you ever wonder what it would look like to live with LESS?

Perhaps you long for less stress, less waste, less spending, and less stuff so that you can make room for more joy, connection, and freedom. If you can relate, then this episode is for you!

Today, Mary is joined for a second time by best-selling author, speaker, and podcast host - Jen Hatmaker - as the two dive into Jen’s re-release of “7” now republished as “Simple & Free: 7 Experiments Against Excess”.

In a journal-like format “Simple & Free” tells the story of how Jen and her family identified seven areas of excess and made seven simple choices to combat overindulgence and learn to live a truly meaningful life. Initially trying this experiment 10 years ago, Jen updated the book’s content, not by removing, but by adding information in a bracketed format so that “2021 Jen” can tell “2010 Jen” what she’s learned over the last decade and how her eyes have been opened in ways she couldn't understand before.

In today’s episode Mary and Jen

  • Talk about this counterintuitive idea of pursuing more when we would actually be happier with less;
  • Walk through Jen’s seven experiments of excess in the categories of food, clothes, spending, media, possessions, waste, and stress + what she learned; and,
  • Dive into the abundant life that can be found when we trade in excess for a truly reduced way of living.

After listening,

  • Your eyes will be open to the areas where you may have accidentally substituted the “american dream” for God’s Kingdom;
  • Discover what in your life causes an unhealthy change of attitude, personality, or focus when it becomes threatened; and,
  • Be equipped to identity what you actually want to pursue more of when you rid your life of the excess waste and stress.

If you are ready to trade in overindulgence for simplicity and generosity that leads to a radically better life of connection and abundance, you will not want to miss today’s episode!

Snag Jen's book here!