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The Mary Marantz Show

May 12, 2020

Do you ever feel less-than? Maybe these feelings are in relation to your work, worth, body, or the life you're building. If you have ever grappled with these insecurities, this episode is here to bring you incredible hope that you don't have to have it all together to “quality” for your life’s calling.

In today’s episode, Mary talks with actress, speaker, singer-songwriter, and founder/CEO of The Giving Keys - a jewelry company with the mission to help its employees transition out of homelessness - Caitlin Crosby.

Mary and Caitlin dive deep into Caitlin’s brand new book You are the Key: Turning Imperfections into Purpose, where it is through humor and warmth that Caitlin shares her hard fought journey to believe her own imperfections have led her to her greatest purpose.

In this episode,

  • Caitlin opens up about her own secret "flaw" that rocked her sense of self-worth for the better part of two decades,
  • Her private battle to believe our scars are not sources of shame but proof of courage and prompts toward purpose, and
  • How her passion for people led to the founding of The Giving Keys.

After listening you will find your own free pass to embrace your flaws and reframe your imperfections not as limitations but as signposts toward your greatest purpose. If you are ready to walk boldly and turn your imperfections into purpose, make sure you tune into this powerful episode!

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