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The Mary Marantz Show

Dec 15, 2020

Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? Perhaps you long to control the world around you, but find even the smallest of tasks to be insurmountable some days. If you can relate, then you will not want to miss this powerful episode.

Today, Mary is joined by friend and photographer extraordinaire, Hope Taylor. A Southern girl at heart with a deep spiritual connection to buttered popcorn and Christmas-scented candles, Hope is an industry-leading business owner with a passion for educating and equipping others.

On today’s episode, Mary and Hope open up about their personal struggles with anxiety, shed light on the different ways anxiety and stress manifest in their lives, and give listeners practical tips and tools for coping during seasons of anxiety or depression.

After listening you will be equipped with Hope’s five personal ways to combat anxiety, be encouraged to step out and move forward in spite of your struggle, and be prepared to strike the right balance between consistency and self care.

If you are ready to stop pouring from an empty cup and begin showing up as the fullest version of you, then make sure to tune into this incredible episode!

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