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The Mary Marantz Show

Jun 30, 2020

Have you ever dreamed of changing the trajectory of your life for yourself and your family? Perhaps you long to provide a brighter future for your generations to come. If you are searching for ways to make this dream a reality, then this episode is a must-listen for you today!

In this episode, Mary is joined by national bestselling author, speaker, financial expert and Ramsey personality - Anthony ONeal. Living by the motto “The choices you make today determine the caliber of your future,” Anthony is passionate about helping others learn how to make smart decisions with their money, relationships, and education in order to live a well-balanced life.

Reflecting on his own experience of being in debt and homeless by the age of 19, Anthony speaks candidly today about practical ways to pass on generational wealth and prevent grave regrets for your future self. Mary and Anthony also do a deep dive into a Yale University study about the wealth gap in our country, the root causes of this gap, and where we go from here.

No matter your background or current situation, after listening to this episode you will be equipped with the knowledge to start building sustainable, generational wealth; challenged to consider and change your mindset; and encouraged to make smart decisions to live a full and balanced life.

If you are ready to start building the kind of generational wealth that has the power to change things for lifetimes to come - make sure to tune into this power-packed episode!

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