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The Mary Marantz Show

May 3, 2022

You know her. Maybe you are her. The woman who is always performing. Is this you? If approval-seeking, overachieving, and perfectionism has turned into burnout, emptiness, and exhaustion, then today’s special “Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots” BOOK LAUNCH episode is for you!
Today, the tables have turned as Mary is the GUEST on her own show! That’s right, Mary’s dear friend, author, and fellow ‘slow growth avenger’, Jennifer Dukes Lee takes the role of host today to talk to Mary about her highly anticipated new book that hits shelves TODAY - “Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots: Finding Grace, Freedom, and Purpose in an Over Achieving World.”
When gold stars, highlight reels, and seeking the approval of strangers on the internet are not enough, podcast host and bestselling author Mary Marantz gives the woman who feels like she must always be “on” permission to finally stop striving. “Slow Growth” is a love letter to every woman who has tried to run so hard from failure that she stumbled into success. But now, as Mary writes, “she is doubled over at the pain of a lifetime spent proving, this one truth dawning on her with each new day: no matter how hard you run, you can’t outrun you.” In her signature lyrical and powerful prose paired with her own stunning photography, Mary combines heartfelt memoir with thoughtful reflection to help women reshape their understanding of worthiness. 
On today’s episode, Mary and Jennifer dive into the heartbeat mantra behind “Slow Growth” – you cannot achieve your way into worth - as they tackle:

  • Why giving up achieving for you worth actually frees you up to go after even bigger goals
  • Why “I’ll be happy when ______” is a death sentence to living a life with purpose
  • The importance of implementing a habit of celebration on the way to the goals we set
  • Why we have to part ways with the stories that previously helped us to survive
  • How the Girl in the Red Cape can make peace with the Wolf

If you are ready to stop running, realize that you are not in a race with anyone, and truly believe that good things take time - real things take time, and that Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots, then make sure to tune in to today’s episode!
Grab a copy of Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots here!

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