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The Mary Marantz Show

Sep 28, 2021

When you think of life balance - what images come to mind? Juggling all the metaphoric balls? Walking a tightrope and praying you don’t misstep? The mile long to-do list always seems to be looming over heads - so we work on overdrive to accomplish it ALL. 

If you’re tired of feeling like there is just not enough TIME in the day and you’re ready to take back control of your schedule - this episode with Christy Wright is for YOU.

In her new book, Take Back Your Time: The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance, Christy reveals the main reasons why we feel out of balance and how to combat those. She also lays out the path to balance that anyone can walk in order to ditch the distractions in life and focus on what really matters.

In this honest and transparent conversation, Mary and Christy talk about the inner reasons behind our tendencies to overwork - and Christy’s 3 step process to create your ideal, life schedule without the guilt.

In this conversation, Mary and Christy also cover:

  • The deeper heart wounds that drive us to perform 
  • What we learn in childhood that needs to be unlearned as an adult about love
  • How to find peace in an unbalanced world
  • The actual question we should be asking when trying to find balance
  • How to achieve a meaningful life on your own terms


If you’re ready to swap the exhausting pressure for balanced peace, you’re going to love this episode! 

Snag Christy’s book here!