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The Mary Marantz Show

Nov 26, 2019

Nancy paid off her house in 2.5 years with hopes that this would finally give her the freedom to go out shopping - without the stress! Sounds like a dream, right? Ironically, this extra cushion of cash caused Nancy to begin overspending on their budget. Turns out - there was more work to do in her heart than the tangible goal of paying off their home. Pull up a seat, grab a big cup of coffee, and tune into this episode for the perfect, Thanksgiving week message - full of grace without the guilt. In this episode, Mary invites her friend, business owner, and founder of the Contentment Challenge, Nancy Ray, to give a message that is good all year round but especially during the holiday season where we are told that buying more leads to a happy life. Tune in to hear about Nancy's contentment challenge where she spends 3-months of the year without spending, how this challenge will change your life, and why being content does not mean having a lack of drive in your business. There's 100% chance that Nancy will be your new BFF after you listen to this one. If you've ever wondered what it looks like to be content while also having a desire to grow, this episode is for you. This is the perfect way to start Thanksgiving week to focus on things that last and fulfill - because the world needs your giving heart.

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