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The Mary Marantz Show

Mar 9, 2021

Do you ever wonder if the Gospel is truly "good news" for your actual, everyday, often difficult, sometimes painful, and typically crazy, real life? Perhaps you could use a reminder that God's faithfulness really does follow us into the face of all that harried, hard, and even humorous life stuff.

If you can relate, then this life-giving episode will speak right to your heart.

Today, Mary is joined by best-selling author, speaker, and Bible teacher- Lisa Harper- as the two dive into Lisa’s new devotional, “LIFE: An Obsessively Grateful, Undone by Jesus, Genuinely Happy, and Not Faking it Through the Hard Stuff Kind of 100-Day Devotional”. LIFE combines Lisa’s sound theology and her comedic wit to provide a gut-level exploration of pertinent and redemptive moments in Scripture that prove God’s grace is more than sufficient for both the massive and the minuscule things of life.

On today’s episode, Mary and Lisa get real about the everyday struggle- how to be genuinely happy and not fake it through the hard stuff.

You will feel seen and understood as the two:

  • Discuss seasons of waiting;
  • Talk about the delicate balance of wanting things to change while simultaneously loving your life; and,
  • Dig into Lisa’s personal story of becoming a mother at age 50, finding healing from her past, and how the title of her new devotional came to be.

After listening:

  • You will find freedom in knowing that grief and worship can go hand-in-hand,
  • Learn that you can embrace happiness in the middle of the wait or long slow climb, and
  • Be equipped to find rest in the moment by focusing on the ‘99’ instead of the ‘1’.

If you are ready to ditch the Spanx with God, and let Him be the hero of your story, you will not want to miss this powerful and eye-opening episode.

Snag Lisa's book here!