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The Mary Marantz Show

Oct 26, 2021

Ever feel like the weight of the world falls squarely on your shoulders, but your life is too ordinary to actually make a difference?

If so, you’re not alone - especially over the last couple of years with the collective pain our society has been experiencing. 

But the good news? God isn’t calling us to the perfect step, He’s just calling us to the next step. 

These are the encouraging words of today’s guest on the Mary Marantz Show, Hosanna Wong. 

Hosanna is an international speaker, bestselling author, and spoken word artist sharing captivating stories of a powerful God with churches, conferences, prisons, & other events around the world. In her new book, How (Not) to Save the World: The Truth About Revealing God’s Love to the People Right Next to You, she takes readers on a journey of inspiration and self-realization through a Biblical perspective.

Hosanna goes on to provide tips from her own life experience of how she really got it wrong when it came to ‘showing God’s love’ and how she continues to course correct now. 

Hosanna and Mary go into depth about:

  • What Hosanna did when she felt small, insignificant, helpless, and less than,
  • What do we do with the feeling that we DON’T want to be unnoticed, 
  • How we ACTUALLY point people to Jesus,
  • A perspective on the story of Peter you haven’t heard before, and
  • What God calls us to before we make our plans


Friend, when you are feeling small, unnoticed, and don’t even know where to start changing the world that you feel is full of pain and you’re helpless to make any difference - start right where you are. 

This episode is emotional and inspirational and joy-filled. If you’re ready to start making an impact and living a life of obedience - even in the middle of your ordinary life, this episode is for you.

Snag Hosanna's book here!