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The Mary Marantz Show

Jul 27, 2021

Are you trying to navigate singleness in this crazy dating world of modern times? Are you finding your experiences to be frustrating, infuriating, or about as clear as mud? If you can relate, then you are going to absolutely love today’s episode.

Today, Mary is joined by blogger, turned New York Times Bestselling author, and creator of the single woman social media movement, Mandy Hale! Known for her ability to cut to the heart of single life with straight talking, witty, and inspirational takes on life and love, Mandy’s newest book “Don’t Believe the Swipe: Finding Love without Losing Yourself,” is not your mother’s dating guide.

On today’s episode, Mary and Mandy talk all about how to find love without losing yourself; about learning to date without surrendering your power; about choosing yourself, regardless of whether someone swipes right or swipes left; and, of course about the crazy caricatures of your stereotypical dates gone wrong.

After listening, you will be equipped to trust the path, process, and uniqueness of your personal journey; feel empowered to use this waiting time in your life (no matter what you are waiting for) to build a relationship with God versus just seeing what's not there yet; and, learn the mindset and tactics you need to approach dating and love without losing yourself.

If you are ready to approach dating with dignity, refuse to let ‘the swipe’ rule your life, and stand confidently in your worth while not settling for less than you deserve, you will not want to miss today’s hilariously honest episode!

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