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The Mary Marantz Show

Aug 17, 2021

Do you long for community, authentic friendships, and cheerleaders to do life with? Perhaps you feel that finding true community in a fiercely competitive world seems like an impossible task. If you can relate, then this is the episode for you!

Today, Mary is joined for a second time by entrepreneur, author, and dear friend, Natalie Franke, as the two dive into Natalie’s new book, “Built to Belong: Discovering The Power of Community Over Competition”. “Built to Belong” is a bold reminder that we can succeed while cheering for the success of others too, and that there is room for all of us to make our mark and thrive together.

Natalie believes that we all have the opportunity to step outside of the box and become exactly who we are called to be. And, on today’s episode, Mary and Natalie don’t hold back as they discuss the dichotomy between how we can be built to belong but also created to compete; the role that social media plays in competition vs. community; and, the wide-spread epidemic of loneliness that is fiercely contagious.

After listening, you will be able to recognize when competition becomes unhealthy and how to strike that much needed balance between community and competition; be equipped to start building your personal network starting with just one person; and be ready to drop the consumption of social media in order to embrace the connection aspects of it.

If you are ready to join hands in charting a new course forward and take part in a rallying cry to transform lives - all while cultivating deeply rooted relationships that raise the tide for all - then today’s episode is not to be missed!

Snag Natalie's book here!