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The Mary Marantz Show

Aug 11, 2020

Have you become so caught up in life that your well-intentioned plans may have accidentally planned God right out of it all? If you can relate, this episode is here to remind you to slow down and ask God to use you.

Today Mary is joined by her dear friend, Teresa Swanstrom Anderson, who is the author Beautifully Interrupted. Through Teresa’s personal story you will be inspired to learn the importance of giving your plans back to God to allow Him to expand the borders of your life and heart. Teresa is also the author of three new Bible studies that just released including: Leading Wherever You Are, Saying Yes In The Darkness, and Living for What Really Matters.

On today’s episode, Mary and Teresa dig deeply into what it looks like to have a tendency to want to run towards what is safe, how we can accidentally get to a place of planning out our years to the point that we actually end up planning God right out, and why we should be asking God to reveal His biggest desires for us rather than tackling life on our own.

After listening you will walk away encouraged to live through the ‘in-between’ times of waiting, be equipped to brave the storms of life with grace and faith, and embrace the life-changing perspective of seeking God’s plans first and foremost.

If you are ready to turn your life over to God and see where He leads, you won’t want to miss this powerhouse of an episode!

Snag Teresa's latest Bible studies here!