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The Mary Marantz Show

Aug 22, 2023

Do you feel stuck and isolated in the season you are in? Are you tired of trying to make things happen in your own strength or figuring out what God is up to? 

Married with a new baby, today’s guest felt like she was living a completely different life from the one where she KNEW who she was. Where was the girl she once knew?

As the image she created crumbled to the ground, she began to see that what she thought she was losing was actually leading her into truly discovering herself. 

Join Ashley and Mary as they discuss the dangers of defining our own identity and how our frustrations can help reveal our core pain.

On today’s episode you will hear, 

  • How letting go leads us back to ourselves

  • What we can learn from Jacob’s wrestle with God

  • Why today’s honesty can be a catalyst for generations to come


Whether you feel like your pain has stolen the best of who you are or you are just over being stuck in the season you are in, this episode is a must listen.

Even though it feels like you are far from seeing that light at the end of the tunnel friend, don’t let go.

What if this disruption is not an interruption but an invitation to rediscover who you were made to be?

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More About Ashley: Ashley Morgan Jackson is an author, speaker, and social media expert. She works full-time for Proverbs 31 Ministries and has ministered to her own online community for over ten years. She is passionate about women learning to let go of the lie that they have to perform for God’s love and instead realizing that they can receive His love, just as they are. Ashley is a wife of fourteen years to her wonderful husband, Daniel, and a mom to two growing boys. The family lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you asked Ashley what her favorite thing to do is, she would say it’s laughing till it hurts!