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The Mary Marantz Show

Jun 7, 2022

Do you often feel lonely, unfulfilled, or disconnected? Perhaps you’ve wondered how in an age with unprecedented access to mobility, something can still be missing from your life. If you have ever felt the ache of fulfillment, friendship, or fruitfulness then today’s episode is for you!

Today, Mary is joined by acclaimed teaching pastor and author, Daniel Grothe, as the two dive into Daniel’s latest book, “The Power of Place: Choosing Stability in a Rootless Age.” Known for his deep wisdom and beautiful exploration of scripture, Daniel calls readers to reject the myth of Christian individuality and instead embrace the richness of planting our lives and letting roots take hold.

On today’s episode, Mary and Daniel dig deep into the ancient vow of stability as they tackle:

  • The countercultural case for ‘staying put’

  • Why obedience is always practiced in particular

  • How a rich life has nothing to do with financial capital

  • What it means to live in holy rhythms

If you are ready to choose stability in a rootless age, and make an impact right where you are, then make sure you tune into today’s powerful episode!


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