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The Mary Marantz Show

Sep 22, 2020

Do you shy away from hospitality for fear that your house isn’t ‘perfect’? Perhaps you long to turn your house into a cozy home with each season, but you worry that cozy equals cluttered. If you can relate, then you will not want to miss today’s eye opening episode!

Today, Mary is joined by Myquillyn Smith, better known as the “The Nester” as the two dig deep into Myquillyn’s latest book, Welcome Home: A Cozy Minimalist Guide to Decorating and Hosting All Year Round. Empowering women through her tagline, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”, Myquillyn’s brand new book is an invitation to create seasonal rhythms of change in your home so that it’s always ready to welcome you, your family, and your friends.

On today’s episode, Myquillyn talks about what it looks like to embrace this idea of ‘cozy minimalism’, she shares her tips and tricks for decorating for the seasons rather than for the specific holiday, and she challenges listeners to entertain without the fuss so that the focus can be on the people not the house.

After listening, you will be equipped to make a home that moves with the rhythms of seasons using all five senses; understand how to practically make space for the items you love to have a voice in the room, and know what it looks like to lean into true hospitality, which was always about others and never about us.

If you are ready to take a deep exhale and live in a home you love without trying to impress anyone, then you will not want to miss this incredible episode!

Snag Myquillyn's book here!