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The Mary Marantz Show

Jan 19, 2021

Have you done everything that society told you to be successful and happy, but reality is still leaving you feeling unfulfilled? Was “the future” something you used to dream of, but is now something that just arrives without asking you what you wanted? If you can relate, you will not want to miss today’s powerful episode!

Today, Mary is joined by speaker, podcast host, award-winning broadcast journalist, and author - Antonio Neves - as the two discuss Antonio’s brand new book, “Stop Living on Autopilot: Take responsibility for your life and rediscover a bolder, happier you”. Stop Living on Autopilot is a raw and inspiring how-to guide that will help you recommit to your life and dreams. Antonio believes that no matter where you stand today, your story isn’t over yet and that a new chapter begins right now.

On today’s episode, Mary and Antonio discuss:

  • The power of decision-making and personal responsibility,
  • What to do when you feel like your life isn’t turning out how you originally expected, and
  • Breathing life into the saying that 'the best things in life are still ahead.'

After listening you will, learn how to become an active player in your own life and start living on your terms; be empowered to reboot your life and find happiness right where you are; and, realize the power that your decisions, or lack thereof, have towards achieving your dreams.

Snag Antonio's book here!