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The Mary Marantz Show

Sep 29, 2020

Do you long to break free from what’s holding you back? Perhaps you feel trapped by shame, guilt, and lies. If you are ready to fight fear with faith, then this episode is for you!

Today, Mary is joined by well-known speaker, podcaster and business coach - Alli Worthington. Known for her straight-talking encouragement, Alli motivates women to draw strength from their core identity and overcome the obstacles that keep them from reaching their full potential.

On today’s episode, Mary and Alli cover all things Alli’s brand new book - “Standing Strong: A Woman's Guide to Overcoming Adversity and Living with Confidence” - which provides a no-nonsense guide to recognizing and eliminating the things that hold us back. This dynamic duo dig deep as they discuss the things that keep us “stuck”; ways to step into the dreams planted in our hearts; and, what it looks like to stand on a strength that is beyond our own.

After listening you will be equipped to become an unbreakable woman who finds her strength from God for any adversity; gain strategies for tackling the obstacles of self-doubt, fear, and insecurity; and be ready to find the confidence to say ‘yes’ to God’s call on your life.

If you are ready to get ‘unstuck’, overcome adversity, and live with confidence, you will not want to miss this powerful episode!

Snag Alli's book here!