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The Mary Marantz Show

Sep 27, 2022

What does confidence mean to you? Insecurity? Sureness? How about love? 

In this episode of the Mary Marantz show, Mary chats with author, ministry leader, and speaker, Amanda Pittman, about ALL of these topics and more. The two discuss Amanda’s book “Stand in Confidence: From Sinking in Insecurity To Rising in Your God-Given Identity,” as well as what your internal self-talk might be keeping you from.

They chat about:

  • Finding confidence in the Truths of already being forgiven
  • The disconnect between your head and my heart when it comes to the Truth of Scripture, and
  • How social media can be BOTH a blessing and a curse 


May this episode be your reminder: God completes us. God came to the World as a man and died for us. The work is already done! 


Check out Amanda’s Insta:

And book: