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The Mary Marantz Show

Sep 12, 2023

Are you worn down from carrying the wounds of your past? Do you feel like part of your story disqualifies you from the life and wholeness you long for?

I know I am loved by God, but….

  • What about my past? 
  • What about my mistakes?
  • What about my brokenness?

Sound familiar?

Growing up in generational trauma, Cassandra Speer, of Her True Worth, learned quickly that in order to survive it was easier to conceal and numb out her pain than rely on or offer it to someone else. However, isolation wasn’t the answer to avoiding the pain, but the very place where those lies would come to flourish.  

And while she felt like confronting her brokenness would break her apart again, this time she knew the Hope that was guiding her through would make all the difference. 

If you feel like your broken story is holding you back, this episode is for you! Join Cassandra and Mary as they discuss the unique perspective we can gain from our brokenness and how reaching the end of ourselves can be the greatest gift we have been given. 

Tune into today’s episode to hear: 

  • What we miss when we skip past our pain

  • How to break the power of generational sin

  • The invitation beneath our grief that leads to true transformation


If you are waiting to receive what has rightfully been given to you in Christ, let today’s episode be your sign to release relying on yourself. Friend, your brokenness is not a disqualification but rather the invitation to the fullness of God’s power within and through you. 

Those broken pieces you are holding are not to be hidden but held up because they are the birthplace of His beauty in your life. 


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More About Cassandra:  Cassandra Speer is a popular Christian blogger whose heart is driven by the desire to see women discover the depth of God's love in a superficial world through the power of His Word.  She is vice president of viral account, Her True Worth, a ministry created to encourage wounded and wandering women to find their identity and validation in Christ alone. In their newest book, There’s Beauty In Your Brokenness:  90 Devotions to Surrender Striving, Embrace Your Brokenness, and Find Your Worth in Christ, Brittany, and Cassandra kindly guide you back to what God intended for your life. Through scripture, meditations, and reflective questions they will show you how sin corrupted God's plan, how Christ redeemed it, and how you can confidently and securely live out your true worth secure in His promises for you.