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The Mary Marantz Show

Sep 5, 2023

Are you preoccupied with the pursuit of your next goal? Do you feel a sense of urgency to be further along in your journey than you are? 

With an art degree in hand, today’s guest had dreams she longed to see come true. But as life often does, her course changed and she resolved that it’s fullest form would be realized only in the quiet, hidden parts of her life. 

What she never could have anticipated though was that what she thought was deferred was actually blossoming and building as she was faithful to the path right in front of her. 

Whether chasing your dream is costing you your presence or you are feeling the pressure to be somewhere you aren't, this episode is the reset you need to be right where you are.

Join Ruth and Mary as they discuss how to draw near to the heart of God on the journey of life and the beauty of being faithful right where you are with what you have. 

Tune in to hear:

  • Why we are made to not feel at home here

  • What the principles of offroading can teach us about the presence of God

  • The difference between waiting with God versus for God


This episode is a breath of fresh air and a reminder to take a step back and open our eyes to the place we hold in a story that has already been in motion since the beginning of time.

Just as we are wired to chase things that matter we have already been given a life of purpose and worth beyond what we do or accomplish.

So, friend, take a deep breath because no matter the point in your story you are held. 

You don’t have to save yourself, He has got you.


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More About Ruth: Ruth Chou Simons is a Wall Street Journal bestselling and award-winning author of several books and Bible studies, including Pilgrim, GraceLaced, Beholding and Becoming, and When Strivings Cease. She is an artist, entrepreneur, podcaster, and speaker, using each of these platforms to spiritually sow the Word of God into people’s hearts. Through social media, her online shoppe at, and the GraceLaced Collective community, Simons shares her journey of God’s grace intersecting daily life with word and art. Ruth and her husband, Troy, are grateful parents to six boys—their greatest adventure.


With an art degree in hand, Ruth had dreams she longed to see come true. From seeing her art in galleries to people purchasing her work she would have loved for her world to explode with opportunity.  As life churned her dreams evolved,  she raised her boys, served alongisde her husband in the local church, discipled women. Her book was worked out in the hidden part of ourlives. When we were celebrated ten years of her company and see these opportuntiies open up it was thrilling. This is everything I wanted to happen and I didn’t even know it would have happened - take the next step following your lead.