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The Mary Marantz Show

Aug 15, 2023

Do you ever feel…lonely?

“What happens in loneliness is you become fractured inside, your soul is not right and you are not well because you were made for people. There is a wholeness, integrity and non-fractured nature to our life when we live it amongst friends.”

For today’s guest, an act of vulnerability laid the groundwork for a life changing perspective on the value of community and a passion for breaking barriers of connection. 

So, whether you are looking for ways to build new friendships or practical ways to strengthen the foundation you have laid, today’s episode will be one you return to again and again.  Join Justin and Mary as they discuss the epidemic of loneliness and the reason why friendship is a spiritual discipline.

Tune in to hear, 

  • What two rhythms you need to start putting into practice in your relationships

  • How to show and not tell about our lives

  • The three principles of building covenantal friendship


If you find yourself in a season of loneliness or living a life in which you just feel on your own, covenant friendships is in reach. But as Justin reminds us, what we are truly longing for often lies just beyond the intersection of risk, vulnerability and a little bit of awkwardness.


So take the first step, you already have the line:

Do you want to be best friends?  


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More About Justin: Justin Whitmel Earley is a writer, speaker, and lawyer. He is the author of the award-winning books Habits of the Household and The Common Rule, though he spends most days running his business law practice. Through his writing and speaking, Justin empowers God’s people to thrive through life-giving habits that form them in the love of God and neighbor. His latest book, Made for People, delves deep into the profound impact of friendship and offers transformative strategies to combat loneliness. He lives with his wife and four boys in Richmond, Virginia, and spends a lot of time around fires and porches with friends.