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The Mary Marantz Show

Jun 1, 2021

Do you find yourself white knuckling every situation around you? Desperately seeking control rather than surrender?

Perhaps you even find yourself turning to all the wrong things in an effort to feel like you are in charge. 

Today, Mary is joined by founder of the Sanctuary Project, and author of “From Basement to Sanctuary: Finding God's Healing Power Through the Twelve Steps” - Holly Christine Hayes.

After years of abuse, addiction, and trafficking, Holly found “sanctuary” after crying out to God on a bathroom floor and is passionate about helping others find that same sanctuary in the ways she did - through a relationship with Christ.

On today’s episode, Mary and Holly:

  • Dive into to Holly’s story of her down spiral that led to a life of trauma, shame, and eventual homelessness,
  • The point in Holly’s journey where she hit rock bottom and what she did about it,
  • Her role as the founder and CEO of Sanctuary Project and the impact this survivor-run organization is having, and so much more.

After listening,

  • You will know what it truly looks like to surrender your life to the plan that God has for you -this bigger picture;
  • Be empowered to share your own story to help others while bringing glory to God; and,
  • Understand the power of admitting your brokenness to God rather than trying to “act holy”.

If you are ready to stop running, stop escaping, stop controlling and start living a truly meaningful life of surrender, then you will not want to miss today’s powerful episode!

Grab Holly's book here!