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The Mary Marantz Show

May 14, 2020

Do you feel like you are missing out on the joy in life? Perhaps you are battling a serious illness or struggling in a strained relationship — or maybe everything is great, but you recognize you’re not fully embracing the blessings surrounding you.

Whether you are barely hanging on or just need an extra boost in life, this episode is here to show you how to find unstoppable, unshakable joy in the midst of even the hardest stories.

In this episode, Mary talks with author Dawn Barton as the two dig into Dawn’s brand new book - Laughing Through the Ugly Cry… And Finding Unstoppable Joy. Even though pain is an emotion with which she is all too familiar, Dawn is known for her humor and perspective even in the midst of the most unfathomable circumstances.

In this episode, Dawn opens up about the adversity and heartbreak she’s experienced, how those circumstances have enabled her to know God in a more profound way, and her mindset of faith not making things easy, but rather making things possible.

After listening, you will:

  • Be encouraged to face adversity with humor and faith,
  • To mindfully seek joy no matter how bleak the circumstances may appear, and
  • To use the heartbreak you face to know God and experience joy in a more vibrant way.

If you are ready to laugh through the ugly cry, make sure to tune into this powerful episode.

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