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The Mary Marantz Show

Apr 25, 2023

Are you tired of trying to keep up with the never-ending cycle of content creation? Do you wish you had the freedom to focus on creating more of what you love and building an authentic business?

If you  are longing for a way to optimize your marketing without sacrificing your sanity, today's conversation featuring Jen Olmstead on the Mary Marantz Show is exactly what you need to hear.

Today’s episode is a 5 Part Mini MasterClass of Effective Marketing:

  1. Do Less Better: The One Thing Jen Started Doing That Changed Her Average Like Count from A Couple Hundred to 10,000

  2. Stop Telling People You Like Coffee: Stop Doing THIS When Writing Your Bio and Start Doing THIS

  3. Tell People What To Do: Specific Wording Swaps for Higher Conversions

  4. Market With Confidence: If You’re Marketing Isn’t Working, You Might Be Doing THIS

  5. Identify Your Low Hanging Fruit: Sometimes You’re Overlooking The ‘Easy’ Thing and Leaving Revenue on the Table


Jen is living proof that in a world calling us to more production, we can not only survive but thrive by choosing to contribute more of ourselves. So, if you have been waiting for permission to let go of keeping up so you can lean into what you love this episode is a must listen. 

Because what everyone needs more of is not generic content, it’s more of you. 

More about Jen: Jen Olmstead is the co-founder and lead designer of TONIC Site Shop, a template shop for the modern entrepreneur. You might have seen her work for clients like Jenna Kutcher, Chris Loves Julia, Jillian Harris, Bossbabe, Create Cultivate, Wit and Delight, and of course, Mary Marantz. ;) When she's not designing, Jen splits her time cooking, homeschooling, trying to make Instagram fun again, and writing TONIC's famous #longandweird newsletter, where she tells stories and nerds out about great marketing.

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