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The Mary Marantz Show

Aug 8, 2023

When did you first become aware of how others perceived you? 

Out of a dream she had for herself and her community, Natalie Franke found herself leading a rapidly expanding community of independent business owners.

But as her impact grew, so did the weight of others' perceptions - ultimately clouding her own sense of direction. 

If the thoughts and words of others have kept you playing small, today's episode will provide you with keys to unlock your potential within.

Join Natalie and Mary on today’s episode as they discuss the inner work that helped Natalie lean into a gutsy life and the necessity of just doing the thing scared.

Tune in to hear:

  • What your jealousy can teach you

  • Why you need to audit your inner circle

  • The two definitions you have to write for yourself

The third time is the charm for Natalie and she continues to leave us wanting more. There is no doubt that her dedication to the hard work of self-reflection and evaluation will be a catalyst for you today. 

Consider today’s episode the push you have been waiting for to step beyond the limitations of your past into the gutsy life only you can live.

Go ahead, make yourself proud.


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More About Natalie: Natalie Franke is a writer, entrepreneur, community builder, neuroscience nerd, podcaster, and mama bear for small businesses. She is also the Chief Evangelist at HoneyBook where she champions a community of over 100,000 independent business owners. From navigating a benign brain tumor diagnosis to undergoing neurosurgery, to battling infertility for years–Natalie has faced her fears time and time again. Her lived experiences have shaped her understanding of courage and inspired her to write her new book, Gutsy: Learning to Live with Bold, Brave, and Boundless Courage, from a place of true vulnerability. Gutsy is a roadmap to a life brimming with curiosity, confidence, and fulfillment that ultimately offers the hope that embracing how you feel about yourself matters more than how others feel about you.