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The Mary Marantz Show

Dec 14, 2021

Have you ever had a dream or idea that others just couldn’t catch the vision behind or understand?

This can certainly feel isolating and confusing! Especially when you KNOW that you KNOW this dream is yours to run after.

Well, the guest on today’s Mary Marantz Show knows a thing or two about chasing your dream, your own way.

In this episode, Mary is sitting down with Multi-Platinum-selling singer-songwriter, Lauren Alaina.

Lauren Alaina was the runner up of American idol when she was only 15. She has since gone on to become a multi-platinum selling country, superstar winning the 2017 ACM New Female Vocalist of the Year Award, the CMT Breakthrough Video of the Year for Road Less Traveled and countless other CMT, CMA and billboard nominations.

And now! She is also the author of the brand new book, Getting Good at Being You: Learning to Love who God Made You to Be.

In their conversation, they get right into it -- they are talking about:

  • How the world will try to change you,
  • How no goal will ever fill you,
  • What it means to know and believe where your dream is headed even before anyone else can see it,
  • What to do when you are just starting out with pursuing your dream, and
  • Lauren speaks about her eating disorder and how it helped define her authentic songwriting.


If you find yourself beat down that the path paved for you to achieve your heart’s dream doesn’t feel authentic to you -- this episode will give you the permission to follow your goal YOUR way.

Snag Lauren’s book here: