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The Mary Marantz Show

Apr 18, 2023

Do you have a dream you cannot go a day without thinking about? Do you feel stuck between dreaming and actually taking the steps you need to make it a reality?

If you are looking for a catalyst to move from stuck to start, today’s episode featuring Rebecca George is for you. 

On today’s episode, join Mary and Rebecca as they discuss the three stages of being stuck, and some practical ways to move forward in faithfulness to the dream God is calling you toward. 

On this episode you’ll hear, 

  • How comparison is the invitation to celebration

  • The principal of spiritual sticktuitiveness

  • How to identify striving out of abiding 

  • The power of defining our why


Between our doubts and fears and the very real reality of what it costs to bring something to fruition, there will always be obstacles that can keep us stuck but, we don’t have to stay there.

Are you ready to move from staring on the sidelines, to taking faith-filled steps across the starting line of what’s been burning deep inside of you?

Then don’t miss today’s life changing episode!

More about Rebecca: Rebecca George is an author, speaker, and host of the popular podcast, Radical Radiance. She is passionate about equipping women to pursue their God given dreams and not waste the present moment - prompting her new book, Do the Thing: Gospel-Centered Goals, Gumption, and Grace for the Go-Getter Girl. 


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