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The Mary Marantz Show

May 9, 2023

Have you ever felt like you lost yourself? That who you were and who are now just aren’t quite syncing up? 

The loves and losses of the last decades had created a life full of joy for Dawn but through it all, she began to slowly shift to the sidelines of her own life. After decades full of morphing and giving to those around her, when she faced the big 5 - 0 she barely knew the person she saw in the mirror.

It was the beginning of the end…or so she thought.

In today’s episode, Dawn does not hold back on what we can learn from the life long companion of aging and the joy of rediscovering yourself again. 

Tune in to hear,

  • What she learned from being asked to take the picture rather than be in it
  • The essential thing to do for authenticity in new seasons
  • What she would have encouraged her 20-year-old self to d
  • Why, in fact, we are more ourselves than we have ever been


Dawn’s battle cry is the reminder we all need that none of us have control of the time we have left but we do have the choice to live life to the fullest right now.

So lean in. Don't disappear.

No matter the age or stage, the best is yet to come!

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More About Dawn: Dawn Barton is a joyologist, speaker, motivator, cancer crusher, Jesus lover, and author. She is ridiculously passionate about working with women and coaching them to levels of success in their personal and professional lives that transcend their wildest dreams. She is proud to use the experiences of her personal journey to help others find happiness and success even in the darkest of days. And, in her newest book, Midlife Battle Cry: Redefining the Mighty Second Half (releasing today!), is empowering women to embrace their Mid-Life years by reframing the obstacles before them as reasons to fully embrace joy wherever they can find it.