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The Mary Marantz Show

Oct 25, 2022

Do you feel like you’re wearing ALL the hats? And not wearing one extremely well?!

Well, this episode is here for you to find your value and alignment again.

Mary is inviting on Karen Ehmen and Ruth Schwenk, Biblical truth holders no matter the audience.

Karen Ehman is a Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and New York Times bestselling author. Ruth Schwenk is the founder of: The Better Mom Community, a place where moms can come together in the midst of not-so-perfect lives to grow in grace and wisdom as we live out our calling as moms.

The three are covering:

  • How to find 'quiet time' even with a fully packed schedule 
  • Why crying is a great, non scripted way to help you to seek Jesus even more deeply
  • How to eliminate comparison while balancing contentment

One of the best quotes of the episode? When questioning why God allows things, consider swapping this statement: "God get me out of here' with, 'God why have you brought me here?"

The ladies are diving DEEP in this episode-- so grab a coffee and buckle up for this amazing conversation.

Find Karen and Ruth's book here!!