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The Mary Marantz Show

Oct 31, 2023

Does your worry feel like a record player on repeat in your head? Are you tired of how much time and energy these negative emotions take up? 

Join Mary and Keri Eichberger, author, blogger, and podcaster, as they explore the journey of learning how to engage with worry and fear in our daily lives.

As someone who has always had a predisposition towards worry and anxiety, compounded by witnessing a traumatic event in highschool, Keri shares impactful insights into four filters to combat the cycle of worrisome thoughts, and the one question you need to ask yourself every day.

They are chatting:

  • The power of naming our anxiety
  • Keri’s go-to Scriptures and Truths to ward off worry - and you can, too 
  • Four filters to combat the cycle of worrisome thoughts


Keri's journey is a testament that you are enough and can live fully alive, unburdened by constant anxiety.

Today is the day you embark on the life God is calling you to live.

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More About Keri Eichberger: Keri Eichberger is a born and raised “Kentucky girl,” a wife and mom of 5, author, blogger, and podcaster. Her affinity for reading and soaking in God’s guidance and goodness, along with using her stories of struggle to serve, ignited a FIRE to inspire with the words God laid on her heart! She is passionate about sharing her wins, losses, and learnings to help others more deeply experience God’s sovereign love, and open their hearts to the calling of their purposefully planned soul. In her first published book, Win Over Worry: Conquer What Shakes You and Soar With the One Who Overcomes, she wants to help you fill-up with the hope of Jesus, be encouraged in His power and love, and live the abundant life He is calling you to!